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I sighed as i remembered my mothers last words to me after she left me to defend myself when i was just fifteen.. "why don't you just kill yourself you worthless drat!" i suddenly felt tears escape my eyes as i started to shake and whimper. My eyes widened as I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. I looked over my shoulder to see Jeikeu looking down at me and started kissing all my tears that ran down my cheeks. I blushed and gave him a sad smile. "Are you okay?" he asked very concerned and now walked in front of me and holding my shoulders. I lost eye contact with him not wanting to cry anymore and before I knew it. more tears ran down my cheeks while I whimpered and shook my head. "n-n-no... I-I'm not okay... I-It's just... I-I cant s-stop thinking a-about..." i choked out those words and sniffled "...a-about--" I was cut off with a kiss from Jeikeu. he wiped away all my tears not leaving the kiss. I returned it and wrapped my arms around his neck.

after what seemed like forever we both pulled away. he looked down at me and smiled kissing my head. "i understand... but don't beat yourself up because of that.. forget the past and think about the present... about us.." I held back tears and buried my face in his chest. "okay... I promise..." we looked into each others eyes for a brief moment and locked lips.


I woke up at midnight and stood up walking outside to my roof. I looked down from it only to see the ocean. I started to cry. I can finally end my misery... I heard foot steps run behind me. I quickly turn around the wind carrying my clothes and hair waving in it. "Max! what are you doing!?" Jeikeu screamed at me in worry. "IM GOING TO END THIS! I CANT STAND THIS MISERY! I CANT STAND KNOWING YOU'RE WITH A WORTHLESS BRAT LIKE ME!" I yelled back starting to cry. "But max! you are not worthless or a brat! you are my everything!" he started to cry at this point. "im sorry..." I mumbled and closed my eyes falling back to meet my fate. "Nooo!!!!!" Jeikeu screamed and jumped down grabbing be and pulling me close. my eyes shot open as the tears I hid flew in the wind being carried away. "no! Jeikeu! I cant let you die!" he gripped tighter. "and I cant let you die either...." we where so close to the ocean. we both looked at each other crying. "i love you... and if you die... I die too.. may I have one last kiss..?" he smiled crying a lot more that ever. I started to cry just as much. "yes... of course" we both took one moment to stare at each other and locked our lips together lightly before me slammed into the dark sparkling ocean. we opened out eyes our lips still stitched together. mumbled escaped out noses and we were being pulled into the ocean. before I knew it I saw a flash of light.  

(A/N thanks for reading!! I will try and make a sequel soon) 


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